Armadillo 'A' Series Cutter Block System

A British made, precision spindle block system with no limiters, large depths of cut and exceeds BS EN847-1 standard for a safer and quieter cutter

Back in December 2003 all non limiter tooling was banned from use, due to the potentially high risk of injury to operators. It was replaced with limited projection tooling to a new standard – BS EN 847-1 which, for circular form tooling, allows for up to 3mm maximum knife projection. Introduced at this time, the Armadillo cutter block is a patented system of unique fail safe design. By using this system, you can assemble the cutter block by using a series of varying diameter plates to reproduce the same contour as your cutting knife profile. The Armadillo plates are available in sufficient diameters to maintain the requirements of BS EN 847

The many benefits of using the Armadillo system include achieving a depth of cut up to 48mm with heights up to 130mm, thus cutting down the number of passes required, reducing labour costs and achieving an increased quality of cut. Limiters are obviously not required, which reduces the noise level significantly. Therefore, for every profile you require you make a massive financial saving, as you only have to purchase the knives, not the limiters. The Patented unique 4mm HSS single groove backed design knife, as used on our versatile ‘A’ Series system, is supported right behind the cutting edge to produce an excellent finish.

For light re sharpening re-use the cutter block as set – for heavy re sharpening, just re-select the appropriate plates. Each block comes with a selection of plates of varying diameters, a plate selection gauge, instruction manual and Allen keys.

Additional components, plates and profiled knives may be bought at any time to build up your Armadillo cutter block system. We have a super fast turn round on profiling and re sharpening of any style of blade or knife.